Major Release CBI Globe 2021: New PSD2 Features

Dear users,

As of April 28, 2021 – following the CBI Globe Major Release 3.0 – the ASPSPs connected through the Intesa Sanpaolo Endpoint will enable the two new features “Global Consent” and “Account Owner Name”.

In particular, it will be allowed:

- to manage two new types of consents - Global Consent One-Off and Global Consent Recurring - in order to avoid multiple SCAs in accessing information services
- to retrieve - for Third Party Providers - the "account owner name" holder from the Intesa Sanpaolo Group systems.

Furthermore, the ASPSP connected through Intesa Sanpaolo Endpoint will allow to view together in the same API call:

- the account balance
- the available balance with credit limit
- the available balance without credit limit