Payment status & IBAN Selection update released


Dear users,

As of December 18, 2021 the ASPSPs connected through the Intesa Sanpaolo Endpoint will enable the two new PSD2 functionalities related to PSD2 TPP interface.

Payment status

Payment status are updated as below:

  • A payment initiation can terminate with one the following results:
    • RJCT - simulation rejected
    • ACTC - AcceptedTechnicalValidationAll Payments with ACTC status over 15 minutes will be updated to RJCT (rejected) for security reasons.
  • If the SCA process ends successfully the status payment will be updated to ACCP (AcceptedCustomerProfile).
  • Only the payment simulations in ACCP status can be completed with the execution and the possible status of the payment after the execution are:
    • RJCT - payment rejected
    • ACSP - payment completed - AcceptedSettlementInProcess
    • ACSC - payment completed (only for instant payment)
    • PDNG - payment on hold for evaluation (only for instant payment)
  • At the settlement date, not before, the status ACSP will be updated in one of the two follows final values:
    • RJCT - payment rejected (if the settlement failed, for any reason)
    • ACSC - payment completed


IBAN Selection

The new feature allow PSUs in a PIS journey to select their debtor IBAN from a list; in this scenario, for a TPP it be possible to initiate a payment or verify the customer's account data, without manually input by the PSUs.